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NEWS Live Diamond [Limited Edition] DVD (Japan Import)

NEWS - NEWS Live Diamond [Limited Edition] DVD (Japan Import)

Price: $78.28   $91.74
Format: DVD
Front Cover: Lrg. / Med. Back Cover Lrg. / Med.

NEWS Live Diamond [Limited Edition] DVD (Japan Import)
Now Available - First Pressing

The NEWS 2008-2009 Winter Tour is coming to DVD! From October 25, 2008 to January 12, 2009, NEWS traveled from Sendai to Osaka for their nationwide WINTER PARTY DIAMOND LIVE TOUR. This 153-minute live release records the group's January 12 closing concert at Osaka Dome. After getting the crowd worked up with an opening video directed by Takizawa Hideaki, NEWS kicks off the concert with Happy Birthday, and keeps the energy level high for a fabulous show filled with dance numbers, sweet ballads, and lots of member and fan love. The group performed their recent singles SUMMER TIME and Taiyo no Namida, as well as older favorites like Cherish, TEPPEN, and Kibou ~Yell. The members also got to show off their individual charms during solo stages like Yamashita Tomohisa's MOLA, Nishikido Ryo's ordinary, and Masuda Takahisa's SUPERMAN. Tegomass crooned their hit ballad Aiaigasa, and KoyaShige chirped in with their hilarious Murarisuto (with a special Tegoshi appearance!). The 147-minute bonus disc comes with tour documentary footage covering all 10 concert stops including Tokyo Dome, a special reel of self-produced music clips of solo songs for each member, and the making of the opening film. 3-Disc First Press Limited Edition records the concert over 2 DVDs in 5.1-channel surround sound. Also comes with a 20-page booklet.

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