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Antic Cafe - Gokutama Rock Cafe (First Pressing) [CD+DVD] (Japan Import)

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Format: CD Album or Maxi Single
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Antic Cafe

Gokutama Rock Cafe (First Pressing) [CD+DVD] (Japan Import)
First Pressing with Cardboard Slipcase in-stock. Very rare

Antic Café is back with their third album. Gokutama Rock Café keeps up the band's familiar rock sounds that have attracted lovers of J-rock. The album features eleven tracks including their theme song Kakusei Heroism - The Hero without A "Name" (Track 9) for the MBS/TBS anime DARKER THAN BLACK - Kuro no Keiyakusha and Ryusei Rocket (Track 1). Other featured songs include "Orange Dream" (Track 11), "Day Break" (Track 6), and "Pierced" (Track 7). All lyrics were penned by vocalist Miku, while the other band members composed the songs. The band's most recent single Cherry Saku Yuki! (Track 3) is also included on this release. This edition comes with a DVD featuring three music videos and documentary footage shot during the band's 2007 outdoor live events.

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